Crafting Beauty

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes journey of In Flores Veritas. Delve into the intricate process behind our preserved flower compositions, where every bloom is meticulously chosen and preserved to maintain its natural beauty.

What's Inside the Airtight Capsules?

There are natural flowers, carefully handpicked from the fields of Thailand and preserved using a vacuum method!

Production Process


Flower Collection and Selection

It starts in the fields of Thailand, where our specialists carefully gather the most beautiful and fresh flowers. Each flower is chosen with love and care to guarantee the highest quality of our products.


Creating Works of Art

You receive not just a flower composition, but a true work of art that will adorn your home or make a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

Step 3

Unique Vacuum Packaging Technology

After the flowers are collected, they go through a unique vacuum packaging process, which preserves their freshness, beauty, and aroma for many years to come. This method ensures that our compositions look as attractive as they did on the day they were created.

Experience the Beauty of Nature!

Crafting Beauty


Advantages of In Flores Veritas Compositions

1. Longevity: Our compositions maintain the freshness and beauty of the flowers for many years, without losing their appearance.

2. Naturalness: Thanks to our unique production process, our compositions look just like fresh flowers, indistinguishable from them.

3. Environmentally Friendly: We use natural flowers and preservation methods that do not harm the environment.

4. Health Safety: Our compositions do not cause allergic reactions, so you can enjoy their beauty without any concerns.

5. Convenience: Our compositions require no special care and maintain their appearance and freshness without regular watering or replacement.

Enjoy the Advantages

of unique flower compositions from In Flores Veritas!