Preserved Flowers

The Everlasting Beauty of Dried and Preserved Flowers

Flowers in a glass ball have become increasingly popular for their ability to bring natural beauty into our lives in a sustainable and long-lasting way. Through careful preservation techniques, these blooms retain their vibrant colours and delicate textures, offering a timeless alternative to traditional fresh flowers. In this guide of In Flores Veritas, you will get to know about everything related to flowers being preserved. 

How are Fresh Flowers Preserved?

Fresh flowers can be preserved through various techniques to extend their lifespan and maintain their natural beauty. The preservation methods allow fresh flowers to be enjoyed for longer periods, whether as decorative accents, keepsakes, or floral arrangements. Following are some ways to preserve fresh flowers: 

1. Air Drying

A popular technique of preserved flowers is air-drying, which involves hanging flowers upside down in a cold, dark area and allowing them to dry gradually. 

2. Pressing Technique

Another popular technique is pressing, where flowers are flattened between absorbent materials such as paper or cloth to preserve their shape and colour. 

3. Using Desiccants 

Additionally, flowers can be preserved using silica gel or other desiccants, which absorb moisture from the petals and help prevent decay. Some florists also use preservation solutions that replace the moisture in flowers with glycerin or other substances, maintaining their natural appearance and texture.

What are the Benefits of Preserved Flowers?

There are various benefits of pressed flowers in glass due to which their demand is increasing in the market. May it be gifts or decors, these are making its mark in the world! Here are the benefits which make these flowers a must try!

1. They are long lasting

Flowers in a glass dome never lose their beauty—unlike fresh flowers, which wither and fade after a few days. With the right care, they can endure for months or even years, which makes them a durable choice for gifts and flower arrangements.

2. They offer a variety of speicies 

They come in a wide variety of species, colours, and styles, offering endless creative possibilities for floral designs. They can be customised to suit any taste or occasion, from weddings and special events to home décor and gifts.

3. Allergy-Friendly

Because dried flowers don't release pollen or cause allergic reactions, they are hypoallergenic. For allergy sufferers who wish to appreciate the beauty of flowers without having to worry about discomfort, this makes them an excellent choice.

4. Low Maintenance

These flowers require minimal maintenance to retain their beauty. They should not be touched too much, and they should be protected from humidity and bright sunshine. The flower arrangement in the glass bowl will continue to look beautiful for many years with the right maintenance.

The Sustainability of Preserved Flowers

Pressed flowers in glass follow the standards of sustainability and are environmentally friendly. These two factors make them highly demanding and attractive in the trend as explained below: 

1. Eco-Friendly Alternative

Preserved florals offer a sustainable option for floral arrangements, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and reducing waste. Because infinite flowers are harvested sustainably and come from sustainable farms, buyers who care about the environment can choose them guilt-free..

2. Reducing Environmental Footprint

By preserving flowers at their peak freshness, the preservation process minimises the environmental footprint associated with traditional floral arrangements. This sustainable approach helps protect natural resources and promotes a more eco-friendly way of enjoying the beauty of flowers.

Creative Possibilities with Preserved Flowers

Flowers well preserved have a creative aura in themself. They bring out the creativity and absolute look when used properly. Here are some creative possibilities of their use:

1. Versatile Decor Options

There are countless artistic options including preserved wedding bouquets, special occasions, and home décor. Whether arranged in a bouquet, centrepiece, or decorative wreath, flowers in a glass dome add a touch of natural elegance to any space.

2. Unique Gifts and Keepsakes

Long-lasting and considerate gifts, will be treasured for many years to come. From preserved flower arrangements to flower-infused jewellery and accessories, there are endless options for expressing love and appreciation with preserved blooms.


Flowers well preserved represent a sustainable and beautiful alternative to traditional fresh flowers, offering longevity, versatility, and endless creative possibilities. Whether used for home décor, weddings, or special occasions, flower arrangement in a glass bowl brings natural beauty into our lives in a way that is both timeless and eco-friendly.

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